InnovaLang is an advanced service company, managed by a dynamic and close-knit team, which works exclusively with qualified professionals and the very latest technology.

We offer a complete range of services, supported by in-depth knowledge of our specialized fields and handled by professionals who have worked for years in the various linguistic areas applied to the world of work and business communication.

Our working method is based on the most stringent quality requirements, an industrial approach coupled with craftsman-like care which, thanks to the high level of organization in our operating procedures, enables us to meet all possible demands quickly and efficiently, while paying close attention to every detail, including costs.

In this website, you can find all the basic information you will need about the services provided by InnovaLang. Please contact us for any further information you may need in order to identify and best satisfy the synergies of language and business, necessary for the optimization of communication strategies.


More than eight thousand texts translated in the fields of mechanics, electronics, information technology, telecommunications, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology.

A high level of expertise in linguistics applied to the world of work.

An ongoing and consolidated relationship with universities, organizations operating in the fields of linguistics and communication and specialist masters' courses.