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InnovaLang, patent translation

InnovaLang is an advanced language service provider focused on IP, managed by a dynamic and close-knit team, which works exclusively with qualified professionals and the very latest technology.
Our working method is based on the most stringent quality requirements, with an
industrial approach that enables us to meet all demands quickly and efficiently, while paying close attention to every detail.
In this website, you can find all the basic information you will need about the services provided by InnovaLang. Please contact us for any further information you may need.

La traduzione brevettuale

Creative Commons Licence
Index and Preface free download
We know well the language of patents, and we teach it at masters and universities: this is our textbook.

La traduzione brevettuale

Federico Perotto
Creative Commons Licence, 2014

Click here to download index and preface, and write us to receive a free copy.


We primarily deal with Italian and the EPO official languages: English, French, and German.
We only work with expert professionals highly skilled in patent technical language and translation, and with patent attorneys.
Review and revision steps are always included in our workflow, all the phases being carried out by three different professionals: a translator, a reviser and a quality certifier.
We also support our work through the use of computer aided translation tools, creating/adapting tailor-made systems in the event of demands which cannot be fulfilled with commercially available CAT tools.

Patents language

Patent terminology includes all scientific and technological sectors languages, in particular lexical forms relating to mechanics, information technology, telecommunications, electronics, biology, medicine, chemistry and every possible combination.
Our thirteen years of experience – more than 12,000 patents in all patent sectors – have given us strong foundations to stand on, supported by excellent human and technological resources in every field of human knowledge.
InnovaLang is ready to tackle any challenge in any sphere, regardless of the type of devices, equipment or technical/scientific processes involved, and in any step (filing, examination, grant, opposition) for a dedicated, complete and tailor-made service.


More than 12,000 texts translated in all patent fields, since 2003.


A high level of expertise in linguistics applied to the world
of Intellectual and Industrial Property.


An ongoing and consolidated relationship with universities, organizations operating in the fields of linguistics and communication and specialist masters' courses.

Our way


EUtraduzioni offices, located in Turin Metropolitan Area, Italy, are open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (CET).

Always available

Nevertheless, work assigned to InnovaLang is carried out 24/7, enabling us to deal with all types of urgent demands.

Project Management

Each job is organized and supervised by a dedicated team of Project Managers, the client's point of reference.


Projects are only assigned to highly qualified professionals, with whom we establish a working relationship based on continuous, direct dialogue and the principle of ongoing training.


Respect of deadlines is our mantra, and proactivity in problem solving here is a value added.


Our collaborators are regularly updated on work requirements, by means of seminars, circulars, technical glossaries and translation memories.

Price List

The present offer, updated on July 2016,
is in Euro and refers to target language word unit.

On request, we can also provide prices on source language.
English > Italian
word unit
French > Italian
word unit
German > Italian
word unit
Italian > English
word unit

Spontaneous applications

Want to become part of our team? Send your CV to: info@innovalang.eu!
Your data will be added to our database and you will be contacted if your skills meet our needs.
Please send your CV in a non-editable format (PDF) and without any data classified as “special categories of personal data” that may only be processed upon express written consent.
Otherwise, please send your CV completed with your signature and authorisation to process your personal data. For further information, please read our privacy policy.